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02 - What Is The Truth Behind The Nephilim? 2024 By Pastor Jeff Wickwire

Updated: Apr 29


5 Day Devotional

This five-day devotional will be taking a deeper dive into the sermon from this weekend, where we explored the intriguing topic of the Nephilim and critically examined biblical contexts and interpretations. As we reflect upon key scriptures and themes, this devotion aims to strengthen our understanding and enrich our spiritual walk.


Day 1

Genesis 6:1-4

This first day focuses on the beginning of understanding — the biblical foundation where the concept of the Nephilim is introduced. The passage raises the curtain on the complexity of interpretations that have surrounded these figures over the years. Today, we step back to look at the script as it is, setting aside preconceived notions, to seek clarity from the Word itself.

In wrestling with such subjects, we are beckoned to approach scripture with humility, ready to question and ready to learn. This exercise is not just academic; it is a spiritual journey that draws us closer to God's truths. It shines a light on the importance of discernment in an age of varied teachings.

  • What has been your previous understanding of the Nephilim?

  • How does revisiting this text with fresh eyes change your perspective?

  • In what ways does seeking biblical clarity impact your faith?

  • Pray for openness to God's teaching, even if it challenges your previous beliefs.

  • Ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in rightly dividing the Word of truth.

Day 2

Genesis 4:16-24

The second day of our devotional takes us through the lineage of Cain, who departed from the presence of the Lord. As we delve into these verses, we uncover the stark contrast between worldly accomplishments and godliness. We are reminded that success, in human terms, can exist entirely apart from a life oriented toward God.

Encountering this divergence invites us to reflect on our own lives. Are our achievements and daily pursuits bringing us closer to God or leading us further away? This introspective journey is aimed at realigning our priorities to match God's design for us, and to live lives that are rooted in his presence.

  • Can you identify aspects of your life that are akin to Cain's lineage in prioritizing worldly success over spiritual devotion?

  • What steps can you take to seek a life of greater spiritual substance?

  • How does your daily life reflect your commitment to God's will?

  • Pray for the courage to repent from aspects of life that lead away from the presence of God.

  • Seek wisdom in balancing worldly pursuits with a steadfast commitment to your faith.

Day 3

Genesis 5: Entire Chapter

Today we journey with the lineage of Seth, recognized as the God-seeking generation contrasting Cain's. Seth represents the promise of a faithful lineage through which God would bring forth his redemption. His is a story marked not by desertion, but by drawing near to God and invoking his name.

As we trace the lives of those in Seth's lineage, we are challenged to consider the legacy we hope to leave behind. Is it one marked by godliness and an enduring faith? Let us find inspiration in Seth's genealogy, aspiring to impact our generation for God's glory.

  • Reflect on the lasting spiritual legacy you desire to leave; how are you working towards it?

  • In what ways does your life invoke the name of the Lord similar to Seth's descendants?

  • What generational blessings and traits are you praying to pass down?

  • Pray for the strength to build and maintain a God-honoring legacy.

  • Ask for discernment to recognize and cherish God's workings in your lineage.

Day 4

Genesis 6:2

On day four, we examine the union of the 'sons of God' with the 'daughters of men.' We explore the implications of these alliances and consider the cautionary tale of how deviating from God-ordained relationships led to a wider moral decline. This reminds us of the significance of choosing partners who share our values and walking together in faith.

It's a call to be mindful of the influences we allow in our lives, reinforcing the biblical exhortation not to be unequally yoked. When we commit to relationships, be it in marriage or friendship, they should reflect and uphold our commitment to God.

  • How do you discern the influences that align with your faith values?

  • In your current relationships, how do you encourage one another's spiritual growth?

  • What boundaries do you set to protect your spiritual journey?

  • Pray that your relationships will honor God and encourage spiritual unity.

  • Ask for wisdom in forming and nurturing relationships that are centered in Christ.

Day 5

Matthew 24:37-39

On the final day of our devotional, we look to Jesus' teachings about the days of Noah to gain further insight into the human condition. Here, we see an echo of the earlier Genesis narrative, not highlighting mythical beings, but stressing the routine of life that disregarded God. We are invited to remain vigilant, fully aware that our lives should not be characterized by spiritual neglect.

As we live in anticipation of Christ's return, may we not be found absorbed in the mundane to the detriment of our spiritual alertness. Let's purpose to live with an eternal perspective, growing in faith and prepared for his coming.

  • How can we avoid being consumed by the 'normal' rhythms of life to the point of spiritual complacency?

  • What does it mean for you to live with an eternal perspective in practical terms?

  • How does reflecting on Noah's days challenge you to prepare for Christ's return?

  • Pray for vigilance in your spiritual walk, not to be overtaken by the routines of life.

  • Implore God to kindle in your heart a perpetual readiness for Jesus' second coming.

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