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03 - Can A Christian Have A Demon? 2024 By Pastor Jeff Wickwire


5 Day Devotional

This five-day devotional will be taking a deeper dive into the sermon from this weekend, exploring the themes of spiritual warfare, understanding the true nature of our battles as Christians, and how the word of God equips us to stand firm in faith.


Day 1

Ephesians 6:10-12

As we embark on this devotional journey, our first focal point is the strength and protection that comes from the Lord. Apostle Paul reminds us that our battles are not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces. This doesn't induce fear; instead, it grounds us in the truth that our victory resides in God's might and the armor He provides.

Embracing this truth liberates us from any misconceptions about spiritual warfare. It’s not about seeking continual deliverance but about standing firm in the freedom Christ already won for us. We are called to be vigilant, aware, and dressed in God's armor so that we can withstand and extinguish the enemy's schemes.

  • How do you currently arm yourself with God's truth in daily life?

  • In what ways have you possibly misunderstood spiritual warfare in the past?

  • How can you apply the armor of God more effectively?

  • Pray for discernment to recognize the true battlefront in spiritual warfare.

  • Ask for a deeper understanding and a practical application of the full armor of God in your life.

Day 2

Matthew 12:43-45

Considering the teachings that Jesus gave about unclean spirits, we glean insights into the nature of our spiritual house-keeping. When Christ cleanses our lives, it is paramount to fill the void with His presence, word, and Spirit. A swept and garnished life without the indwelling of Christ is vulnerable and incomplete.

True transformation occurs from the inside out. It is not enough to remove negative influences; we must pursue a relationship with God that is vibrant, renewing our minds, and setting our affections on things above. Integrating spiritual disciplines into our daily routine fortifies our souls and leaves no room for the enemy's return.

  • What steps can you take to ensure that your life is not just clean but filled with God's presence?

  • Reflect on times when you've experienced spiritual 'emptiness.' What filled that space?

  • How can you encourage others to pursue a full, Christ-centered life?

  • Pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit to occupy every part of your life.

  • Ask God to reveal any areas of spiritual vulnerability and to guide you in fortifying them.

Day 3

Ephesians 4:26-27

In the midst of exhorting believers to righteous living, Apostle Paul shares a profound connection between our emotional responses and spiritual health. 'Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry' isn’t just about anger management; it's about not granting the enemy territory in our hearts through unresolved conflicts and festering wounds.

It’s crucial to address issues promptly and pursue peace, understanding that forgiveness is a spiritual discipline that shields our hearts from bitterness. While forgiveness doesn't necessarily mean forgetting, it does imply releasing control and entrusting justice to God, which in turn preserves unity and closes doors to the enemy’s influence.

  • Can you identify any anger or bitterness that you're holding onto that needs to be resolved?

  • What practical steps can you take to address feelings of anger or bitterness before the day ends?

  • How does forgiveness function as a protective measure in your spiritual life?

  • Pray for the grace to forgive as you have been forgiven by God.

  • Ask for strength to confront uncomfortable emotions with honesty and to seek reconciliation where needed.

Day 4

1 Timothy 4:1

Paul's letter to Timothy serves as a stark reminder of the reality of spiritual deception. The warning against 'giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons' calls us to discernment in our intake of spiritual teaching. Our focus on God’s word is our best defense against the subtleties of false teachings that can creep into our beliefs.

The solution isn’t fear-based avoidance but a proactive engagement with Scripture. By immersing ourselves in the truth of the gospel, we can readily identify and resist the distortions of truth that aim to sway us from a pure devotion to Christ. Let us be noble like the Bereans, who examined the Scriptures to verify the truths they heard.

  • What safeguards do you have in place to ensure the teachings you receive align with Scripture?

  • How can you grow in discernment to recognize subtle deviations from biblical truth?

  • In what ways can you encourage others to be more biblically literate and discerning?

  • Pray for a love of truth that protects you from deception.

  • Ask for wisdom to discern the spirit behind the teachings you encounter.

Day 5

Romans 8:1-2

The concluding day of our devotional brings us to the core of our identity in Christ: liberated from the law of sin and death, we live by the spirit of life in Jesus. As believers, we are not to be weighed down by past failures or the enemy's accusations, but to embrace the freedom purchased by Christ's sacrifice.

Today, let us celebrate the victory and authority we have in Jesus. Let us walk in the assurance that we are children of God, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and empowered to live triumphantly over the whispers of condemnation. Our charge is to step boldly into the promises of life and peace that the spirit of God affords us.

  • How can you live out the reality of 'no condemnation' more tangibly in your daily life?

  • What steps will you take to live by the Spirit and not by the flesh?

  • How can the assurance of your identity in Christ change your outlook on challenges you face?

  • Pray for a profound sense of freedom from any form of spiritual bondage.

  • Ask for the courage to walk in the Spirit, displaying the fruits of a life transformed by God's grace.

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